Why Visit Pelion

Are Green & Blue Your Favorite Colors?

Why Visit Pelion

Are Green & Blue Your Favorite Colors?

Why Visit Pelion

Are Green & Blue Your Favorite Colors?

Why Visit Pelion

Why Visit Pelion

10 Reasons Why You Must Keep Visiting Pelion

1. Pelion was the favorite summer resort of the ancient Greek Gods.

If Pelion was the Greek Gods’ preferred retreat, imagine what it can become for you!

2. Getting to Pelion has become a doddle!

The Airport of Nea Anchialos only 40 km from Volos has made things considerably easier with direct flights from/to Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Genève, Munich, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

3. Affordable sailboat rentals and sailing vacation.

Experience the thrill of sailing from the port of the Argonauts. Explore the calm, picturesque beaches of the Pagasitikos Bay and the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos.

4. Tsipouro is just endless.

Volos has more than 150 tsipouradika! One of them will become your favorite.

5. It’s heaven for seafood lovers.

From sardines to small cod and the Mediterranean sea bass, everything here is sold fresh right off the boats.

6. Abundance of organic herbs.

Pelion is home to thousands of different herbs and medicinal plants. In Greek mythology, Chiron, Asklipios, Medea, and ancient Thessalian witches carried the knowledge of the healing properties of the Pelion herbs. Today, several local small farms sell organic herbs and welcome visitors for workshops on production of essential oils.

7. Unforgettable winter ski vistas.

On the Pelion ski resort, you ski with a view to two different seas, the Pagasitikos Bay and the Aegean Sea. On a clear day, Halkidiki and Mount Athos may also be visible.

8. The Little Train of Pelion.

The little train that features on the metaphysical paintings of Giorgio De Chirico keeps on riding. Hop on the train and get lost in the forests of Pelion. 

9. Local fresh fruit all year round.

Throughout the year local farmers sell yummy crispy fruit at small roadside stands. Lemon peaches are the top!

10. Well maintained and marked hiking trails.

Walking in the footsteps of the Centaurs is an experience! The trails are endless offering incredible vistas to the mountain slopes and the Aegean Sea. Along the way you discover stone built bridges, old monasteries, traditional mansions, and small picturesque villages.