Travel Consultation Services

A region as diverse as Greece comes with a long list of things to do

Travel Consultation Services

Travel Consultation Services

After our successful first year of operation we are expanding our services to offer travel consultation.

From the moment we launched Pelion Culture we were contacted by numerous prospect travelers, friends, family, friends of friends mostly from the United States (but from elsewhere as well) who were seeking some consultation on their trip to Greece. We were very happy to share our expertise, offer personal recommendations and help them design their trip. This voluntary work gave us the opportunity to explore a new field in the travel business, gain experience and even make new friends. As the number of referrals increased, it became obvious that we had to extend our consultation services to a greater number of prospect travelers. 

If you hire us for our travel consultation services here is what you can expect:

▪ Complimentary initial consultation (phone call or email)

During our complimentary consultation we want to know about you, your interests, energy level and purpose of your trip. Then, we will tell you some of the things we can be doing for you.

▪ Consultation sessions

If you decide to move forward, consultation sessions can be done over email or phone call, scheduled when mutually convenient. Owner Yota Pantou runs all the sessions.

▪ Consulting fees is a flat rate based solely on the duration of your trip and not its complexity or nature:


Consultation done over 3 days/30 minutes per session. Cost:  €45 


Consultation done over 5 days/30 minutes per session. Cost:  €65 


Consultation done over 5 days/40 minutes per session. Cost: €90 

You Asked. We Answer…

Who is this service for?

Our travel consultation services are for the traveler that enjoys planning and booking their own trip to Greece but needs more specific information than what they can find online as well as personal recommendations on things to do and places to see. 

Do you get commissions for your recommendations of hotels, restaurants, and tours?

We do not receive commissions for our recommendations. Our suggestions are tailored to your personality, lifestyle and interests and aim only at enhancing your travel experience in Greece. Most often our clients are seeking recommendations not for venues such as hotels and restaurants but road trip stops, cultural events, museums, archaeological sites, local gastronomy, etc.